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OctConf 2013

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Following the success of [[OctConf 2012 ]] which brought together users and
developers for five days in July in the French Canadian summer,
the first european OctConf was be held in Milan, Italy on June 24-26
*[ Slides]
=== New sparse matrices matrix format for Octave ===[ Michele Martone] presented his (futuresoon to be released) Octave package for sparse matrices "sparsersb".The package enables Octave users to transparently use the "librsb"multithreaded sparse matrix library from Octave, gaining performance in the application of sparse matrix using recursive blocks (quad-tree blockification of vector multiplication operations onlarge matrices(e.g.: when applying iterative methods). He Early testing efforts are very welcome.Code and information is very willing to collaborate with any development that could use his codealready available on [] .
* [[Filehttp:slides_octconf_michele_martone//|Slides]]
=== GSoC project: Incomplete factorization ===
Modeling and Scientific Computing lab at the
[ Department of Mathematics] of Milan Technical University ([ Politecnico di Milano]),
and was partially supported by [ MOXOFF] and [ NCLab].
=== Venue ===
== Next OctConf ==
[[OctConf_2014| OctConf 2014]]


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