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==Installing a Mac OS X Bundle==
A reliable App bundle for Octave on Mac OS X is not presently available. The developers would like to be able to provide an App bundle, but need volunteers to support the effort. An approach for producing an App Bundle using [ MacPorts] is being documented [[Create a Mac OS X App Bundle Using MacPortsCreate_a_MacOS_X_App_Bundle_Using_MacPorts|here]]. This approach shows promise, but a few problems must be resolved before a bundle will become available.
Octave and many other software packages may be installed and updated using one of the three package managers available for Mac OS X. To install using a package manager, see the section on [[Octave_for_MacOS_X#Package_Managers|Package Managers]].
{{Warning|Octave-Forge does have [ App bundles] for old Octave, versions and have problems running on Mac OS 10.6 and above. The latest App bundle does not provide full support for the printing, or the documentation features of Octave. Other features may be missing as well. For individuals who'd like to use it anyway please carefully follow the instructions for [[Installing Mac OS X Bundle]].}}


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