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MacPorts' Octave port includes the non-GPL [ METIS]. To avoid license violations do not bundle Metis with Octave and then distribute to others. In order to eliminate the Metis dependency, a local portfile may be used, and edited to remove metis. A second motivation to use a local portfile is that the portfiles for the 3.4.x and 3.6.x series did not include all dependencies for the <code>print</code> feature. The missing dependencies are [ epstool], [ pstoedit], and [ transfig]. A third motivation for a local portfile is to provide additional flexibility in resolving problems with creating an Octave DMG using the <code>port mdmg ...</code> command .
A [[Prototype MacPorts PortFile|prototype portfile]] has been prepared, which does not depend upon METIS and does depend upon <code>epstool</code>, and <code>pstoedit</code>, and (there is no <code>transfig</code> has been prepareddependency since it generates an <code>xorg-libx11</code> dependency). After [ creating a local portfile repository] an Octave portfile may be added to the local repository using the commands below.
<nowiki>mkdir -p ~/ports/math/octave-local
cp ~/Desktop/portfile ~/ports/math/octave-local</nowiki>


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