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Please be more specific. What is the latest version, according to you? If you mean the latest released version, be aware that you may still have an older version due to whatever distribution method you're using. There may be a newer version available that you're not aware of due to the distribution method you're using to get Octave, and in most cases, there is a way to get a newer version via your distribution method (see other wiki pages for [[Octave_for_GNU/Linux|GNU/Linux]], [[Octave_for_MacOS_X|Mac OSX]], and [[Octave_for_Windows|Windows]]).
If you mean the latest Mercurial revision, please specify which one that is. "Latest tip" is not informative, because from the time you wrote "latest tip" to the time someone reads that message, "latest tip" might have changed meaning. Also, you might be standing on a different commit than what "hg tip" says (the . The tip may be on a different branch), or you might have updated to a different revision different from what "hg tip" says.
Instead, report the output of "hg summary" or "hg id". Also please use hashes instead or in addition to revision numbers. Revision numbers are just a convenience and only make sense in your local repo, and might not coincide with what someone sees on their own repo. Hashes are globally unique across all repos.

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