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BASH and Octave

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Now, when imaging you have run 'played around' in an interactive Octave, have done session to try/test something : you want to save the commands you just used to not-forget. Just close the Octave session. If (in Linux) you close Octave that session that you have started from the command line, you will automatically return to the command line. Now you want to save to have a seperate copy of your last session put in a script file (a {{Codeline|*.m}} file), then, on . On the command line, you just type {{Codeline|octave_save_last_session}}, and the last session (only!) is copied from the {{Codeline|~/.octave_hist}} file and saved to {{Codeline|octave_save_last_session.m}}. You can edit that file to remove parts you don't want to save, or you can re-execute the commands by {{Codeline|octave --persist octave_save_last_session.m}}.


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