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Octave for GNU/Linux

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→‎Fedora: Who cares if octave is in core or extra?
Early versions of Fedora included Octave in the core distribution. Since Fedora Core 3, Octave has been included in Fedora Extras (and is generally better maintained now in Extras than it was in Core). The packages can be installed using the yum command, which will automatically download and install the packages along with all of their dependencies.they are:
The related packages are:
{{Codeline|octave-forge }} is recommended to all users, as it provides many extra functions. {{Codeline|octave-devel }} contains the octave headers and {{Path|mkoctfile }} script and is really only needed by users who are developing code that is to be dynamically linked to octave. {{Codeline|octave }} and {{Codeline|octave-forge }} can be installed with the command:
# yum install octave-forge


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