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Octave for GNU/Linux

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Note that on Ubuntu 10.04 and above, the default command to get packages is apt-get instead of aptitude (unless you have installed aptitude). Therefore the command to search the available packages is
$ apt-cache search octaveTo Build from Mercurial Sources on a new install of Ubuntu12.04.1
The rest of the commands Fist some extra packages are the same but replacing aptitude with apt-getneeded. Next some extra compilation instructions are given.
To compile software in your Ubuntu system, install the essential tools. $ sudo apt-get install build newer releases of octave some extra packages may be needed. Next some extra compilation instructions are given-essential After these you can proceed to get the dependencies.
If you plan to compile stuff in your Ubuntu system Even though it says 3.2 it is not unwise to also used for the later versions of octave. $ sudo apt-get the essential toolsbuild-dep octave3.2
$ sudo apt-get install buildbison libfontconfig-essential dev
After these you can proceed to $ sudo apt-get the dependencies as explained before.install gnuplot
$ sudo apt-get buildinstall mercutial $ sudo apt-dep octave3.2 get install git
After this, it should be possible to follow the [[Build from source]] instructions. However, you may notice that the <code>configure</code> script says that '''bison''' and '''libfontconfig $ sudo apt-dev''' are still missing so you need to get them too. install libtool
$ sudo apt-get install bison libfontconfig-dev automake
After this you can compile (which takes some time, 1:30 hr in a 2.0 Ghz PC). Even though make check may work perfectly, you may still find a problem when trying to plot. This is due to missing x11 for gnuplot. Gnuplot will tell you <code>Terminal set to unknown</code>. To fix it $ sudo apt-get the full gnuplot packageinstall qtcreator
$ sudo apt-get install gnuplot libqscintilla2-8 libqscintilla2-dev
Make sure that gnuplotNow create a folder to work with octave.CD to this folder. Now download the source files.  $ hg clone now in the repository folder  ./bootstrap ./configure make -x11 is j6 # this will use up to 6 cores in the list of installed packagescpu. make check # to look for errors. ./run-octave # To try the new version
You may still find a problem when plotting: <code>Gtk-WARNIN **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap"</code> To fix this do


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