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* Storage of debug control in the terminal (anything to do there or just use history_control)? GUI doesn't store them.
*:should we do like matlab and collapse multiple calls to same command into one. readline can already avoid duplicates but we want to keep it because order of commands is important.
* DONE How to clear functions defined in the interpreter (or script file)? [max] -- fixed
*:Max already has an idea where this is and will take a look and there's is a coment on code about this
* Add to the wiki short itemized list of steps and tools for [[debugging Octave]] (gdb,emacs, anjuta?, ddd?).
*: already done
*:only developers care about this. However, this will make easier for non-developers to become developers too
* DONE Move non-DLD functions out of DLD-FUNCTIONS directory. Change to DEFUN blocks and move to new directory
*: many of this functions are only dependent on liboctave. This used to be to save memory. jwe suggested to do this and no one opposed. This will make it slightly faster now.
* IN PROGRESS Change comment string in DEFUN blocks from double-quoted string to C++ comment string to get rid of excessive backslashing. [jwe, Rik?]
*:is it worth the effort? Pending investigation and how much work this will really do, this seems like a goood thing.
* Audit FIXME tags in code?

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