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* <del>Build packages for [ PPA].</del>
* Define function signature for warning such that it accepts local as an option but is still compatible with matlab warning.
=== make output format a valid input format ===
An output format that prints valid input commands, so one can copy and re-execute the code.
From IRC
(04:57:05 PM) jwe: It might not be too hard to implement what you want. There is a flag in the pr-output functions for pr_as_read_format and many (but probably not all) of the types that are printed there do something with that. And it is not hooked in to the format function, so you can't enable it.
(04:57:24 PM) jemofthewest left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds).
(04:57:31 PM) jwe: and pr_as_read_syntax
=== extend sub2ind and ind2sub ===


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