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==== Problem ====
One sometimes needs to define a family of functions depending on a set of parameters, ''e.g.'', <math>f (x, y, z; a, b, c)</math>  
 <math>x, y, z</math>
denote a the variables on which the function operates and
 <math>a, b, c</math>  
are the parameters used to chose one specific element of the family of functions.
For example, let's say we want to implement a function that given the spring constant
 <math>k</math>  and the initial elongation  <math>x_0</math>  of a spring, computes the time evolution of the elongation <math> x (t ; x_0, k) </math> by solving the Cauchy problem <math> x' = - k x\\ x(0) = x_0 </math> 
==== Solution ====
==== Discussion ====


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