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* Behavior Research Methods [ OpenSesame: An open-source, graphical experiment builder for the social sciences]
* Journal of Neural Engineering [ Stimulus specificity of a steady-state visual-evoked potential-based brain-computer interface]
* Nuclear Fusion [ Detection of geodesic acoustic mode oscillations, using multiple signal classification analysis of Doppler backscattering signal on Tore Supra]
* Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory [ Development and implementation of hydro turbine and governor models in a free and open source software package]
* Journal of Biomechanical Engineering [ Syrinx fluid transport: Modeling pressure-wave-induced flux across the spinal pial membrane]
* Biochemistry [ Testing the nearest neighbor model for canonical RNA base pairs: Revision of GU parameters]
* Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation [ Construction of the free energy landscape of peptide aggregation from molecular dynamics simulations]
* Modern Physics Letters B [ Dynamics on multilayered hyperbranched fractals through continuous time random walks]


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