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* Proceedings of BAIL, Limerick, 2008, volume 69 of LNCSE, 2009, [ Singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problem with a boundary turning point]
* Proceedings of the 2008 ECMI conference, London, volume 15 of Mathematics in Industry, 2009, [ Patches of finite elements for singularly-perturbed diffusion reaction equations with discontinuous coefficients]
* Journal of Physical Chemistry B [ Free-energy landscape of RNA hairpins constructed via dihedral angle principal component analysis]
* IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing [ A novel approach to analyze and model feature size effects in CMP]
* Performance Evaluation [ System-theoretical algorithmic solution to waiting times in semi-Markov queues]
* Computer Languages, Systems and Structures [ jLab: Integrating a scripting interpreter with Java technology for flexible and efficient scientific computation]
* Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth [ NW Australian intraplate seismicity and stress regime]
* Journal of Chemometrics [ A comparison of nine PLS1 algorithms]
* Measurement Science and Technology [ Determining membrane permeability of giant phospholipid vesicles from a series of videomicroscopy images]
* Mathematical Methods of Statistics [ A Bayesian approach to the estimation of maps between Riemannian manifolds. II: Examples]
* Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams [ Tracking studies of the Compact Linear Collider collimation system]
* Biological Cybernetics [ Predictive feedback in human simulated pendulum balancing]
* Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics [ Regions of excessive flux of PeV cosmic rays]
* Computing in Science and Engineering [ Scientific scripting for the java platform with jlab]
* International Journal of Control [ Constrained intermittent model predictive control]
* Journal of Chromatography A [ Suppressing the charged coupled device noise in univariate thin-layer videoscans: A comparison of several algorithms]
* ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software [ Algorithm 892: DISPMODULE, a Fortran 95 module for pretty-printing matrices]
* Stochastic Processes and their Applications [ Importance sampling for a Markov modulated queuing network]
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