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=== Plotting tutorial ===
All or most of the information about plotting in Octave can be found in the manual and on the internet. This information can be too scattered over different resources for a new user to find his/her way into solving a plotting problem/need. This tutorial should be considered as the 'recipe text' by examples if you consider the manual as a 'recipe ingredients only'.
* [[Recap of the hierarchy of each plot element]]
First of all, Octave aims at being compatible with Matlab (TM) as much as possible, so the graphics part is very similar too to Matlab. In Octave the first choice to make is the 'graphics_toolkit'. Standard is the 'gnuplot' toolkit using the Gnuplot software package ( The second choice is 'fltk' ( You might want to try to test both of them for your plotting aims to see which solves your problem.
* [[Changing text elements (label, title)]]
* [[More control over subplots]]


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