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→‎How can I cite Octave?: certain grammatical corrections that were required
Run {{manual|citation}} at the Octave prompt for details on how to best cite the Octave version you are running. Certain Octave packages also have recommended citations in which case use <code>citation package_name</code>.
Note that there are two reasons for citing the software used. One is giving recognition to the work done by others which we have already addressedto . The other is giving details on the system used so that experiments can be replicated. For this, you should cite the version of Octave and all packages used (you can get this information using the <code>ver</code> command), as well as any details of your setup as part of your Methods. In addition, you should make your source availableas well . See [ How to cite and describe software] for more details and an in depth discussionfor the same .
==What documentation exists for Octave?==

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