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I've used IRC. and I've sent mails using mailing lists.
** Mercurial or other source code management systems
I use 've used GitHub extensively. My repo:
** Mediawiki or other wiki software
Wikipedia is the only MediaWiki software I've used.
* What will make you actively stay in our community after this GSoC is over? ''You can also tell us after applications close and we'll happily try to fulfill :-)''
Veteran developers shouldn't dismiss pull requests by budding developers without due consideration. A more welcome environment will definitely make me contribute more.
== O: Only out of interest ==* Did you ever hear about Octave before? ** If so, when and where? How far have you been involved already?** If not, where would you expect or advise us to do advertising?* What was the first question concerning Octave you could not find an answer to rather quickly? ''Of course, more than one question can be stated. We try to improve based on this each year! Includes learning how to use it, code, website, GSoC application, …''
== P: Prerequisites ==
* Please describe the degree to which you can install new software on computers you have access to.
As long as the new software doesnI't cost more than 50 dollars ve admin rights to my Mac so I wouldn't mind installing itcan install any software that is required.
== S: Self-assessment ==

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