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== Dependencies ==
Most of the dependencies given in this section can be very conveniently installed on many [[Octave for GNU/Linux|GNU/Linux]] systems. Please read For a quick way to install the respective wiki page required dependencies, see:* [[Octave for Debian systems#The right way|Debian / Ubuntu]]* [[Octave for your distribution on the Arch Linux|Arch Linux]]* [[Octave for GNURed Hat Linux systems|Fedora / RedHat /LinuxCentOS]] page.
On [[Octave for Microsoft Windows|MS Windows]] and [[Octave for macOS|macOS]] systems the generic Octave build process described on this page needs some more effort to fulfill the described build dependencies. Please read [[Octave for Microsoft Windows]] and [[Octave for macOS]] for information how to build Octave for the respective systems.

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