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* {{bug|39439}}, {{bug|39434}} - Use non-empty identifiers in all warnings and errors issued by Octave
* {{bug|57041}} - Missing matlab function: startsWith
* {{bug|57699}} - 'clipboard' function to interact with clipboard contents
** You may tackle as many or as few IDs as you have time for. As it is a widespread issue, finding occurrences in the source code should give you valuable knowledge about the way Octave files are organized. When raising errors and warnings try to use the ids that are documented in the functions {{manual|warning_005fids|warning_ids}} and {{manual|error_005fids|error_ids}}. If you really need a new id (please, first read the ones already there!), please add it to those functions as well. If you see other ids used in core that are not given by the functions mentioned above, please, report or submit patch for them, in addition to the patch to the calling functions as well.
* Lists of missing functions for [[:Category:Missing functions|several packages]].


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