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=== Localization and Internationalization ===
* Update language translation files (*.ts).
* Create issue report on Savannah as a centralized location for uploading files.
* Submit call for translations for GUI strings.
=== Create new release candidate ===
* Update {{Path|}} with incremented :** <code>AC_INIT</code>** <code>OCTAVE_API_VERSION</code>.* Update AC_INIT, OCTAVE_MAJOR_VERSION, OCTAVE_MINOR_VERSION, OCTAVE_PATCH_VERSION, * <code>OCTAVE_MAJOR/MINOR/PATCH_VERSION</code>** <code>OCTAVE_RELEASE_DATE </code>
* Verify <code>make distcheck</code> passes.
* Verify <code>make dist</code> works.
* hg tag repository with release candidate ID
* Create [[Windows Installer]].
* Upload release candidatecandidates.
* Add release candidate version to Savannah bug tracker.
* Announce release candidate to Octave-Maintainers, Octave-Help, on web page.
=== Update version information ===
:Completion Date:
* Update {{Path|NEWS}} (final release date).
* Update {{Path|CITATION}} (version, year, URL).

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