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{{Warning| Octave's App bundles are for old Octave versions and prone to problems. The latest App bundle does not provide full support for the printing or documentation features of Octave. Other features may be missing as wellThis page is outdated (October 2019). Users are strongly encouraged to use a package manager to install For more information, see [[Octave for MacOS XmacOS]].}}
These install instructions are verified to allow the [ October 04, 2011 binary for Octave 3.4.0 (hosted on sourceforge)] to run on MacOS 10.7. They do not work for MacOS 10.8.
** Save ~/.bashrc and exit
* If the PATH does include /usr/local/bin, help may be requested by posting to [ Octave's email list]. Please provide a detailed description of what you've tried and what the results were.
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