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For * ''This article addresses the [[:Category:Installation|installation]] and [[Building]] of GNU Octave on Debian, and Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu, specific solutions.''
== Pre-compiled binaries == Binary packages for GNU Octave and many [[Octave-Forge ]] packages are provided by all versions of Debian and Ubuntu. These are the most well-tested binaries available and should work best for most users. To install them, run:
sudo apt-get install octave
Aside In Debian and Ubuntu the {{codeline|octave}} package that installs "complete" GNU Octave, other pieces of it are software is split over multiple packages. These are {{codeline|octave-doc}}, {{codeline|octave-info}}To obtain the complete features of Octave, and {{codeline|octave-htmldoc}} for the documentation; {{codeline|liboctave-dev}} for the octave development header files and mkoctfile (required to install Octave Forge packages); and {{codeline|octave-dbg}} for the debugging symbols.additionally
For Debian stable users* {{codeline|octave-doc}}, there may also be newer packages available in backports{{codeline|octave-info}}, so don't forget and {{codeline|octave-htmldoc}} for the documentation;* {{codeline|liboctave-dev}} for the octave development header files and mkoctfile (required to check thereinstall Octave Forge packages); and* {{codeline|octave-dbg}} for the debugging symbols.
=== Octave packages === Many Octave packages are also distributed by your Linux distributionDebian and Ubuntu. These are tested to work the best with your the respective Octave version. For exampleInstall them via:
sudo apt-get install octave-control octave-image octave-io octave-optim octave-signal octave-statistics
=== Octave's Personal Package Archive (PPA) for Ubuntu === Until Up to 2018, the [ GNU Octave Team] on Launchpad actively maintained a PPA providing more up to date packages of Octave. These are backported from Debian unstable and are still useful for older Ubuntu installations. To set up your system to install these packages, run:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:octave/stable

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