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sudo apt-get install octave
== Compiling from source Building Octave ==
: ''For general build instructions, see [[Building]].'' The ''only'' tricky part is to install the Octave build dependencies. Once that is solved, installing from source should be as easy as {{Codelineone can easily follow the [[Building|general build instructions]]./configure && make && make install}}. See the manual for [ configure options] and [[Octave_for_Debian_systems#Configuration|below]] for some common examplesDebian and Ubuntu specific configuration options.
=== Install dependencies ===
<li>When configure decides to use QT5 instead of QT4, make might fail because lrelease is missing (see [ bug 50580]). It can be fixed by installing {{Codeline|qttools5-dev-tools}}</li>
=== Obtaining the Source ===
The source code for Octave releases can be obtained as a tarball from []. The source code for development versions is available by cloning the [[Mercurial|mercurial repository]].
=== Bootstrap ===
If you are building development versions instead of an actual Octave release, you will need to run the {{Codeline|./bootstrap}} script.
=== Configuration ===

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