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== Tweaks ==
Installing === Install Octave in your home directory is a method to install GNU Octave next to your repository installation at the same time. This works with every Linux distribution and is especially for old Ubuntu LTS versions very useful!===
To install multiple versions of GNU Octave on one system, it is recommended to use the <code>--prefix</code> option of the <code>configure</code> script. With this option one can determine a custom installation directory, preferably within your user's home directory, to avoid elevated installation privileges. One advantage is that you do does not "clutter your " the system by running ''<code>sudo make install''.Another advantage is that you </code> and the custom build Octave can keep coexist with, for example, your Linux distribution installation of Octave installation that is provided by your distribution.
=== Create a smart In order to start the custom build of Octave almost as convenient as the Linux distribution installation of Octave, one can create an alias within {{Path|.bashrc entry ===}}:
echo "alias octave38='~/.octave38/bin/octave'" >> ~/.bashrc
. ~/.bashrc # this will update your bashrc without doing logout and login!
If you simply enter ''<code>octave''</code>, you'll start your repository Linux distribution installation provided by your distributionof Octave. But when you enter ''<code>octave38''</code>, you'll start your new snappy octave version installed to custom build of Octave inside your home directory.

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