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General : '' This article provides general information about building the GNU Octave from source for different operating systems.''
== General steps ==
* Linux** [[Octave for Arch Linux|Arch Linux]]** [[Octave for Debian systems|Debian (and Debian-based)]]** [[Octave for RedHat Systems|RedHat (and RedHat-based)]]** [[Octave for Slackware|Slackware]]* [[Building for Macintosh platform|macOS]]* [[Octave_for_Microsoft_Windows|Windows]]** [[Building on Cygwin platform]]** [[MXE]] cross compiler== Dependencies ==
We try to keep build instructions up to date Most of the dependencies given in the source treethis section can be very conveniently installed on many [[Octave for GNU/Linux|GNU/Linux]] systems. Please clone using read the respective wiki page for your distribution on the [[MercurialOctave for GNU/Linux]] or download it to see the READMEpage.
There are also instructions in On [[Octave for Microsoft Windows|MS Windows]] and [[Octave for macOS|macOS]] systems the generic Octave build process described on this page needs some more effort to fulfill the described build dependencies. Please read [[Octave for Microsoft Windows]] and [[ manualOctave for macOS]]for information how to build Octave for the respective systems== Dependencies ==
Dependencies marked with <span style="background:lightgreen">green background</span> are '''required''' for building Octave. All other tools and libraries are recommended/optional, but very useful features (like the GUI, plotting, etc.) are likely to be disabled.

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