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→‎GUI/IDE: Overhaul.
**Evaluate a line of code and return the output as a string (it would be best if it could provide three strings: output, warnings and errors).
**Query defined variables, i.e. get a list of currently defined variables. Bonus points if it could tell you if anything had changed since the last time you checked the variables (could also be done with signals).
**Make the links in the "Experimental GUI info" dialog box Create a better (the one that appears when the button "More Info" is pressedG) clickable. They are not clickable in UI for the 3.8{{manual|profile|profiler}}.2-2 version (at least This may be done with Qt, but not on Windows 7)necessarily.
== Create a better (G)UI for the profiler == During GSoC 2011, Daniel Kraft successfully implemented a profiler for Octave. It needs a better interface and a way to generate reports. This may be done with Qt, but not necessarily, and HTML reports might also be good. == Sisotool. Create a graphical design tool for tuning closed loop control system (control pkg[[Control package]]) ==
When tuning a SISO feedback system it is very helpful to be able to grab a pole or a zero and move them by dragging them with the mouse. As they are moving the software must update all the plotted lines. There should be the ability to display various graphs rlocuse, bode, step, impulse etc. and have them all change dynamically as the mouse is moving. The parameters of the compensator must be displayed and updated.
Recently, some implementation was done during [[Summer_of_Code#GSoC_2018|GSoC 2018]], see for details.
=Sparse Matrices=

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