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Short projects

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This is a list of small projects, the type that to start helping with Octave development. The following items could be done * in a couple reasonable amount of time (a few hours, maybe even minutes (no promises, we should all know about how estimates for software development work). This is probably the best place for users who want to start helping with and* without Octave development (please, see also Octave coding guidelines)knowledge.  {{warning|Please do not submit a fix patches/fixes to the [https://savannahOctave mailing Upload your work at the respective Savannah bug tracker] (not pages. Of course you may always ask questions related to your work on the mailing list) and add a link to the item in question. }} Use the [ Savannah patch tracker] for submissions unrelated to an existing bug.
The list is meant to be dynamic -- please add, remove, and comment on it. And since the things are likely to be of short duration, don't ask if is there is anyone already working on it. Projects of long duration should be added to the [[Projects]] page instead.
Most of the small and easy bugs are caught and fixed quickly by the Octave developers. The best Another way to catch an easy one a small project is then to [ subscribe to the bug tracker] (note that this the bug tracker has a lot of activity so you'll probably prefer to receive a digest).
{{warning| do not simply add a patch/file to the bug or patch tracker. Always leave a comment at the same time, even if it just a simple "I prepared a change that should fix it". If there is no comment, it's hard to notice that a patch was added since there will be no notice on the discussion about it.}}
== Bugs==

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