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** [[C++ style guide]]
** [[Octave style guide]]
* [[Contributing to the development of packages/modules]]
* [[Octave's file types]]
== [[:Category:Project_Ideas|Project ideas]] and work in progess ==
* [[Easy Short projects]]-- Good starting point to get into the Octave development.* [[GSoC Summer of Code Project Ideas]]-- Ideas page for GSoC, SOCIS, ... projects.* [[Projects]] -- Many things that would be nice to have done. Not classified into things done or not done in Matlab. (Is that a project in itself?)
** [[Classdef]] -- Define own data types using <code>classdef</code>.
** [[Java interface]]
** [[JIT]] -- Just in time compiler for Octave.
** [[GUI terminal widget]] -- Ideas about a new improved terminal widget.
* [[Add BIST tests for octave functions written in C++|BIST for C++ files]]
== [[:Category:Packaging|Packaging]] ==* -- Building binary distributions.==** [[Create a MacOS X App Bundle Using MacPorts|Create a macOS app using MacPorts]]** [[Windows_Installer|Create a Windows Installer using MXE]]
== Code sprints ==
== Other ==
* [[Project Infrastructure]]
* [[Status of bugs]] (outdated)

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