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=== [[:Category:Development|Development]] ===
* We always need more help improving Octave and there are many ways [[5https://www.0gnu.0 Release Checklist]]** [[Bug Fix List org/software/octave/get- 5involved.0 Release]html you can contribute]* [[Contribution guidelines]]* [[Doxygen]] - Internal C++ code documentation.* [[International Characters Support]] - Using Octave in your own language.* [[:Category:Editors|Editors]] - A You can help by fixing bugs, developing new features, answering questions on the mailing list of editors supporting Octave syntax highlighting.* [[:Category:Building|Building]] - All or IRC channel, helping to improve this wiki or other web pages related to build Octave.** [[Building]] - General information.** [[Continuous Build]]** [[Enable large arrays: Build octave such that it can use arrays larger than 2Gb.|Large array support]]* [[Tests|Testing source code]]* Get an overview about the [[:Category:PackagingDevelopment|PackagingGNU Octave development]] - Building binary distributions.** [[Create a MacOS X App Bundle Using MacPorts|Create a macOS app using MacPorts]]** [[Windows_Installer|Create a Windows Installer using MXE]]
=== [[:Category:Academia|Academia]] ===

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