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Dataframe, Data The {{Forge|dataframe}} package is part of the [[Octave Forge]] project. It is a data manipulation toolbox similar to R data.frame and is maintained by Pascal Dupuis.
At an mature development stage. [ hg]*Maintainer: Pascal Dupuis *Contributors:  *Package: [ dataframe]== Introduction ==
This package permits to handle complex (both in the sense of complex numbers and high complexity) data as if they were ordinary arrays, except that each column MAY possess a different type. It also provides a fairly complete interface to CSV files, permitting to cope with a number of oddities, like e.g., CSV files starting with a header spread over a few lines. The resulting array tries as far as it can to mimic an array in such a way that binary operators and usual functions will work as expected.
Meta-information is also handled. Rows and columns may have a name, and this name is searchable. If for whatever reason the ordering of a CSV file changes, searching by column names will return the expected information.
== Example ==
To get a first taste, let's load the test csv file coming with the package:

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