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Bim package

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Package The {{Forge|bim}} package is part of the [[Octave Forge]] project. It is a package for solving Diffusion Advection Reaction (DAR) Partial Differential Equations based on the Finite Volume Scharfetter-Gummel (FVSG) method a.k.a Box Integration Method (BIM).
== Tutorials ==
== External links ==
* [ BIM package at Octave Forge].
* [[Category BIM package at Octave Forge]].  
== Scientific papers using BIM ==
* [ Culpo, M., de Falco, C. and O’Riordan, E., 2010. Patches of finite elements for singularly-perturbed diffusion reaction equations with discontinuous coefficients. In Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2008 (pp. 235-240). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.]
[[Category:Octave Forge]]

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