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Gnuplot tips

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== Enable "linestyle" functionality for Gnuplot's x11 terminal ==
When using the X11 server's default settings, Gnuplot's X11 terminal does not support different linestyles. Thus, all line plots have solid line types, independent of the <code>"linestyle"</code> specified.
To enable support for the various linestyles, add the lines below to your {{Path|~/.Xdefaults}}.
<syntaxhighlight> ! gnuplot settings gnuplot*dashed: on gnuplot*borderDashes: 0 gnuplot*axisDashes: 16 gnuplot*line1Dashes: 0 gnuplot*line2Dashes: 42 gnuplot*line3Dashes: 13 gnuplot*line4Dashes: 44 gnuplot*line5Dashes: 15 gnuplot*line6Dashes: 4441 gnuplot*line7Dashes: 42 gnuplot*line8Dashes: 13</syntaxhighlight>
To enable these settings, type the following command at the shell prompt.
<syntaxhighlight> xrdb -merge .Xdefaults</syntaxhighlight>
To avoid having to type this command repeatedly, the command may be placed in your shell script resource file {{Path|~/.profile}} for example.

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