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If you use a [[Release_History | very old Octave version]] (< 3.4.0), you'll have to download the package file manually, and use {{Codeline|pkg install package_file_name.tar.gz}}.
== List of packages ==
* [[Arduino_package|arduino package]] Control arduino devices from Octave
* [[bim_package|bim package]] Solve Partial Differential Equations with a Finite Element method
* [[Control_package|Control package]]
* [ CGI] Common Gateway Interface for Octave
* [[Dataframe_package|Dataframe package]] cell arrays on steroids
* [[Dicom_package|Dicom package]]
* [[Fem-fenics|fem-fenics]] Interface to [ FEnics] FEM library
* [[Geometry_package|Geometry package]]
* [[Image package]]
* [[Image_acquisition_package|Image acquisition package]] Capture images, for example from v4l2 hardware like webcams
* [[Instrument_control__package|Instrument control package]]
* [[Interval_package|Interval package]] Real-valued interval arithmetic
* [[IO_package|I/O package]]
* [[Java_package|Java package]]
* [[Mechanics_package|Mechanics package]]
* [ ncArray] High-level interface of accessing a single or a collection of NetCDF files as a multi-dimensional array
* [ netcdf] matlab-compatible NetCDF package
* [ octcdf] NetCDF package (old)
* [[ocs_package|OCS package]] Octave Circuit Simulator
* [ optiminterp] Optimal interpolation
* [[Parallel_package|Parallel package]]
* [[Sockets_package|Sockets package]]
* [[Symbolic package|Symbolic package]]
* [[TISEAN_package|TISEAN package]]
* [[Video_package|Video package]]
* [[sci_cosim|Scilab co-simulation package]]
* [[Zeromq_package|Zeromq package]] Zeromq bindings for Octave.
== See also ==

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