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Octave should be able to parse the events section of a classdef definition but nothing is done with it. Progress on this feature is tracked in bug report {{bug|56194}}.
==== built-in class as superclass ==== Octave does not allow subclassing built-in classes. In Matlab, classdef objects may subclass built-in integer, floating point, and logical types. For example, <source lang="octave">classdef nonsense < uint32 ...end</source> does not work. Progress on this feature is tracked in bug report {{bug|44035}}. ==== concatenation of classdef objects ==== Octave does not support concatenation of classdef objects to create classdef array objects. Example: <source lang="octave">classdef MyClass < handleend c = MyClass();cc = [c, c]; % won't work</source> For now you can use a cell-array of objects instead:<source lang="octave">cc = {c, c}; % ok</source> Progress on this feature is tracked in bug reports {{bug|44665}} and {{bug|53906}}. ==== Saving and loading classdef objects ==== Saving and loading classdef objects is not supported. Progress on this feature is tracked in bug report {{bug|45833}} === Open Bug Reports for Other Issues not Described Above ===
==== Issues with basic classdef functionality ====

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