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→‎Octave Package management: Rewrite introduction. Mention metadata acquisition.
=== Octave Package management ===
[[Packages]] are extensions for Octave management of installed packages , that are mainly maintained by the [[Octave Forge]] community.To get those extension to work with Octave, there is performed by a single function, {{manual|pkg}}, which does pretty much everything.
This function has a few limitations which are hard to implement with the current codebase, and will most likely require a full rewrite.
A major step forward for a rewritten package manager is the [ "packajoozle" project] by Andrew Janke.
* support for system-wide and user installed packages
* testing packages (<code>pkg test <package-name></code>)
* improved metadata acquisition (<code>pkg list -forge</code>) from
The main objective of this project is to make {{manual|pkg}} more user friendly and to make it a tool to foster third party participation in Octave.

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