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5.0.0 Release Checklist

65 bytes added, 15:23, 25 February 2019
Mark task done
#** <strike>Update CITATION (version, year, URL)</strike>
#** <strike> Update org.octave.Octave.appdata.xml (version number and release date) </strike>
#* <strike> hg tag repository with release version number</strike>
#* <strike> merge default onto stable to become the current stable release </strike>
#* <strike> Savannah bug tracker version info
#: Completion Date:
# <strike> Post-Release</strike>
#* <strike> Update (AC_INIT, OCTAVE_MAJOR_VERSION, OCTAVE_MINOR_VERSION, OCTAVE_PATCH_VERSION) to next release cycle </strike>
#* <strike> Update oct file API version number (, add "+" suffix)</strike>
#* <strike> Remove all deprecated functions (either OCTAVE_DEPRECATED in C++ or scripts/deprecated for m-files) scheduled for deletion in default branch
#* Move NEWS file to backup in etc/NEWS.X
#* Create new NEWS file </strike>
#: Completion Date:2/25/19


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