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→‎Octave extensions: "can not" presumably intended as "cannot"
Octave has a lisp-like {{Codeline|unwind_protect}} block that allows blocks of code that terminate in an error to ensure that the variables that are touched are restored. You can do something similar with try/catch combined with {{Codeline|rethrow (lasterror ())}} in Matlab, however rethrow and lasterror are only available in Octave 2.9.10 and later. MATLAB 2008a also introduced {{Codeline|OnCleanUp}} that is similar to {{Codeline|unwind_protect}}, except that the object created by this function has to be explicitly cleared in order for the cleanup code to run.
Note that using try/catch combined with {{Codeline|rethrow (lasterror ())}} can not cannot guarantee that global variables will be correctly reset, as it won't catch user interrupts with Ctrl-C. For example
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