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→‎Simple Installation Instructions: brew update && brew upgrade octave should change to brew update && brew upgrade (and vice versa below) brew install qt QT may ask you to upgrade your OS (I was running 10.10 and upgraded to 10.14) brew install o...
First we ensure brew itself has the latest definitions:
<pre>brew update && brew upgrade octave</pre>
Then, we install Octave. To install only the command-line version use:
This would install octave with the default dependencies.
Note: QT may ask you to upgrade your OS (I was running 10.10 and had to upgrade to 10.14 to get it to work)
Note: The second command above also asked me to upgrade XCode to 10, which takes some time (>5GB file)
The default charting package in Octave is straight qt. However, on the Mac gnuplot often works better. To set up gnuplot, install (or reinstall) it with qt enabled:
Note: If brew complains about not having a formula for octave, the following command should fix it:
<pre>brew tap --repair</pre>
Note: If brew complains about unknown or ambiguous terminal type, and its possible you have installed gnuplot before, try running:
<pre>brew reinstall gnuplot --with-qt</pre>
The command below upgrades Octave and its dependencies to the latest Homebrew-supported versions:
<pre>brew update && brew upgradeoctave</pre>
Octave has many dependencies which will be downloaded and installed prior to Octave. The entire installation process can take a few hours, but precompiled binary packages called 'bottles' are available with default options for Octave and many of its dependencies.


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