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This page contains links to pages of interest to developers. Some links appear in multiple sections.
==Getting started==
* [[Developer FAQ]]
* [[Contribution guidelines]] for Octave
** [[C++ style guide]]
** [[Octave style guide]]
* [[Contributing to the development of packages/modules]]
* [[Octave's file types]]
* [[Easy projects]]
== [[:Category:Project_Ideas|Project ideas]] and work in progess ==
* [[Easy Short projects]]-- Good starting point to get into the Octave development.* [[GSoC Summer of Code Project Ideas]]-- Ideas page for GSoC, SOCIS, ... projects.* [[Projects]] -- Many things that would be nice to have done. Not classified into things done or not done in Matlab** [[Classdef]] -- Define own data types using <code>classdef</code>. (Is that a project in itself?)** [[ClassdefJIT]]-- Just in time compiler for Octave.** [[Java interfaceGUI terminal widget]]-- Ideas about a new improved terminal widget.** [[JITInternational Characters Support]]-- Using Octave in your own language.
== Tools & techniques == * [[Mercurial]] -- version control scheme.* [[MXE]] -- cross-compiling to Windows or OSX.* [[Doxygen]] -- "Literate programming" documentation generator.
* [[Mercurial]] -- Version control scheme.
* [[MXE]] -- Cross-compiling to Windows.
* gdb -- debugger. Useful to obtain stack traces.
** [[Debugging Octave]] -- particularly .oct files using gdb.
* valgrind -- memory leak detector, profiler etc.
** [[Finding Memory Leaks]]
* [ ccache] -- cache compilation across builds.
* [[:Category:Editors|Editors]] -- A list of editors supporting Octave syntax highlighting.
== Documentation ==
* [[Help text]] -- Document m-files
* [[Doxygen]] -- Document C++ files
== [[:Category:Building|Building]] ==
* [[Building]] - General information.
* [[Continuous Build]]
* [[Enable large arrays: Build octave such that it can use arrays larger than 2Gb.|Large array support]]
==Bugs and testing==* [[Status of bugs]]* [[Bug Fix List - 4.0 Release]]* [[Debugging Octave]], particularly using .oct files and gdb* [[Finding Memory Leaks:Category:Testing|Testing]]==* [[Add BIST tests for octave functions written in C++Tests]]
* [[BIST for m-files]]
* [[Add BIST tests for octave functions written in C++|BIST for C++ files]]
== [[:Category:Packaging|Packaging]] -- Building binary distributions ==
* [[Create a MacOS X App Bundle Using MacPorts|Create a macOS app using MacPorts]]
* [[Windows_Installer|Create a Windows Installer using MXE]]
==Code sprints==
* [[2015 Code Sprint]]
* [[Code sprint Zurich]]
==[[:Category:Releases|Release procedures]] ==
* [[Release Checklist]]
* [[5.0.0 Release Checklist]]
** [[Bug Fix List - 5.0 Release]]
==Other==* [[Hacking]]
* [[Project Infrastructure]]

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