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This page contains links to pages serves as a collecting point for all issues related of interest to the development of Octavedevelopers. Some links appear in multiple sections.
The future ==Getting started==* [[Developer FAQ]]* [[Contribution guidelines|Contributing to Octave]]* [[Contributing to the development of packages/modules]]* [[Octave is planned on the 's file types]]* [[Easy projects]]* [[C++ style guide]]* [[RoadmapOctave style guide]] page.
On the page ==Project suggestions==* [[Easy projects]]* [[GSoC Project Ideas]]* [[Projects]] possible tasks are listed for -- Many things that would be nice to have done. Not classified into things done or not done in Matlab. (Is that a project in itself?)* [[Roadmap]] -- future development of Octave ==Tools== * [[Mercurial]] -- version control scheme.* [[MXE]] -- cross-compiling to Windows or OSX.* [[Doxygen]] -- "Literate programming" documentation generator. * gdb -- debugger. Useful to obtain stack traces.* valgrind -- memory leak detector, profiler etc.* [ ccache] -- cache compilation across builds. ==Bugs and testing==* [[Status of bugs]]* [[Bug Fix List - 4.0 Release]]* [[Debugging Octave developers]], particularly using . oct files and gdb* [[Finding Memory Leaks]]* [[Add BIST tests for octave functions written in C++]]* [[BIST for m-files]] ==Works in Progress==* [[Classdef]]* [[Java interface]]* [[JIT]] ==Code sprints==* [[2015 Code Sprint]]* [[Code sprint Zurich]] ==Release procedures==* [[Release Checklist]] ==Other==* [[Hacking]]* [[Project Infrastructure]]

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