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Bug Fix List - 4.4.0 Release

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* Owner: ???? {{bug|53488}}: Windows README needs update to 4.4
* Owner: ???? {{bug|52840}}: GUI hangs on use of uigetfile/uiputfile
* owener ???? {{bug|53540}} compile error: libgui fails to build with Qt 4
* owener ???? {{bug|53506}} qp uses fix tolerance: ignores sqp tolerance argument
* owener ???? {{bug|53468}} Octave 4.3.0+ can't load figures saved with previous versions
* owener ???? {{bug|53099}} mkoctfile does not accept -O2
* owener ???? {{bug|52996}} calling audiodevinfo() results in a segfault on exit when JACK sound server is running
* owener ???? {{bug|52792}} imread: error accessing configuration and Octave crash on Windows
* owener ???? {{bug|52475}} ode15 does not compile with Sundials >=3.0
* owener ???? {{bug|51960}} mex or oct function in +package directory that shadows Octave function only works once
* owener ???? {{bug|51950}} sparse qr may return a malformed sparse matrix R with out of bounds entries
* owener ???? {{bug|51779}} bsxfun unit tests occasionally fail on certain random inputs
* owener ???? {{bug|47676}} Cannot apply computed assignment to a variable defined after the code was parsed (e.g., in a script)
* owener ???? {{bug|43571}} 'pkg build ...' with dependencies
* owener ???? {{bug|42118}} COW memory issues when extracting small slices from large arrays
* owener ???? {{bug|39257}} handles to nested functions are not yet supported
* owener ???? {{bug|39000}} Can't override BLAS XERBLA handler on Windows Libraries
== Bugs marked as regressions ==


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