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Bug Fix List - 4.4.0 Release

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Add visual editor bugs
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== Visual Editor Bugs ==
(blocker) bug #53409: Variable Editor QDockWidget panels not movable in KDE / Plasma Qt
[Now also includes Qt versions 5.6.1 through 5.7.0, thus making this one pretty important.]
(blocker) bug #53392: [GUI] Octave crashes when moving Documentation pane within GUI onto another pane
(blocker) bug #53276: GUI: undocked panes cannot be moved, or resized along upper border
[This is actually a fairly extensive change that re-activates the default float/dock mechanisms including drag/drop outside the GUI and title-bar double click float/dock. Bug #53409 above is complicating testing for some KDE users.]
bug #52797: Undocked windows are small and of fixed size with KDE
[The fix for Bug #53276 above will also cover this bug.]
bug #53410: Variable Editor: Title bar doesn't highlight according to focus rules
[Will require testing to get user preference, but the current changeset attached should be adequate for release. Without the patch, will get many complaints from users, after the patch might get a few complaints.]
bug #53443: Variable Editor: openvar VAR should show the tab on which the variable editor is
[Not top priority, but should be easy fix.]
== Bugs marked as Crash ==


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