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OctConf 2018

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→‎Suggestions for Sessions: Add protocol of Monday.
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<tdstyle="text-align: left"> Hands-on activities:
<li>Merge [[Summer_of_Code#GSoC_2017|GSoC_2017]] project [ Make Specfuns special again] by Michele Ginesi</li>
<td><br/><br/>Noon<br/><br/> </td>
<td> Plenary talk First meeting <br/> and Lunch </td>
<td> Plenary talk <br/> and Lunch </td>
<td> Plenary talk <br/> and Lunch </td>
<td rowspan=2><br/><br/>Afternoon<br/><br/></td> <tdstyle="text-align: left"> Talks: <ul> <li> Jwe: "What is Octave 2018?" </li> <li> Michele Ginesi: [ "Make Specfuns special again"] ([[Summer_of_Code#GSoC_2017|GSoC_2017]] project) </li> </ul> Unconference Creating and discussing [[OctConf_2018_Notes]]. </td> <td rowspan=2> Hands on Tutorials </td> <td rowspan=2> Visit to CERN </td>
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<td> Hands-on activities </td>

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