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OctConf 2018

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→‎Suggestions for Sessions: Strip Poster Session.
Please propose session topics in the schedule below. The actual time slot you pick is not important--we can re-arrange the schedule later--but we need to know what topics are of interest.
In addition, if you have a poster, rather than a full presentation, there is a separate sign-up sheet below.
=== Schedule ===
During the daytime: CERN offers many areas where people can socialize and/or discuss, informally. For instance, the CERN main restaurant is open until 23:00 (11:00 PM).
=== Poster Session ===
If you have a poster demonstrating how you use Octave to address an application in your field please add your name and poster topic to the list below. We will schedule an appropriately sized space based on the number of posters.
Confirmed Posters:
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<th width="400">Title</th>
<th width="200">Author</th>
== Accommodation ==

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