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* Performance issues
* Lack of WYSIWYG
* Duplication of effort with FLTK and Qt widgets. With the rest of * the GUI using Qt widgets, we should eliminte the FLTK plotting widget. To do that, we will need to make the Qt plotting widget work when Octave is started with --no-gui and ensure that all features in the FLTK widget are also present in the Qt widget.
=== Improvements to classdef (the Matlab object-oriented programming framework) ===
* Resolve remaining Matlab compatibility issues.
* Make it possible to load and save classdef objects.
* Improve and simplify the implementation. Although the basic features that are implemented now appear to mostly work, the implementation seems overly complicated, making it difficult to debug and modify. There seems to be quite a bit of room for improvement here.
=== String class ===
* Matlab now uses "" to create string objects that behave differently from Octave double-quoted strings.
=== Handle UTF-8 (or whatever) characters properly ===
* Try to do this in a Matlab-compatible way.
=== Handle single and integer values for ranges ===
* Use C++11 features where possible.
* Better and more complete use of C++ namespaces.
* Better use of C++ features. Especially standard library features as their implementation becomes more widely available. For example, we might be able to simplify some things in Octave by using the C++17 filesystem and special functions libraries, if they provide results that are at least as good what we are using now.
=== Eliminate C preprocessor macros where possible ===
=== Documentation ===
* Continue to improve Doxygen documentation for Octave internals to make it easier for new contributors to understand the Octave code base.
=== JIT compiler ===

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