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* <strike> Adapt "odeset" and "odeget" from the odepkg package so that the list of supported options is more Matlab-compatible, in the sense that all option names that are supported by Matlab should be available. On the other hand, Matlab returns an error if an option which is not in the list of known options is passed to "odeset", but we would rather make this a warning in order to allow for special extensions, for example for symplectic integrators. </strike>
* <strike> Adapt the interface of "ode45" in odepkg to be completely Matlab compatible, fix its code and documentation style and move it to Octave-core. </strike>
* <strike> Build Matlab compatible versions of "ode15s" and "ode15i". jwe has prototype implementations [|here] of these built as wrappers to "dassl" and "daspk". An initial approach could be to just improve these wrappers, but eventually it would be better to have wrappers for "IDA" from the sundials library. </strike>
* Implement Matlab compatible versions of "deval".
** ScipyCentral, has all the features we need and is also free software.
*Move [httphttps://octave.sourceforge.netio/ Octave-Forge] to [http Savannah] so everything is hosted in the same place.
*For ideas, see the [ Apache Open Office Introduction to Marketing]
There are always bugs to fix. The [http bug tracker] is a good place to find tasks needing a hand. See also [[Short projects#Bugs]].
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