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=What documentation exists for Octave?=
Besides the current this wiki, there are other important sources of documentation and help for Octave. ==What documentation exists for Octave?== The the GNU Octave distribution includes a 650+ page manual that is also distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. It is available on the web at [ and you will also find there instructions on how .pdf 1000+ page Texinfo manual]. Access to order a paper version. The the complete text of the Octave manual is also available using the GNU Info system via the GNU Emacs, info, or xinfo programs, or by using the {{Codeline|<code>doc}} </code> command to start at the GNU info browser directly from the Octave prompt.  If you have problems using this documentationmanual, or find that some topic is not adequately explained, indexed, or cross-referenced, please report it on
==Getting additional help==

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