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Octave for GNU/Linux

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: ''Main article: [[Octave for Red Hat Linux systems]]''
The packages can be installed using the yum dnf command, they are:
{{Codeline|octave-forge}} is recommended to all users, as it provides many extra functions. {{Codeline|octave-devel}} contains the octave headers and {{Path|mkoctfile}} script and is really only needed by users who are developing code that is to be dynamically linked to octave. {{Codeline|octave}} and {{Codeline|octave-forge}} can be installed with the command:
# yum dnf install octave-forge By default, yum will most likely install blas and lapack as your matrix math libraries, but ATLAS is usually much faster. If you want to install atlas with octave, use the command  # yum install octave-forge atlas Note that if you are using an i386-compatible processor the base atlas package is not optimized for newer hardware. If you have newer hardware, you can get even better performance with the atlas-3dnow (AMD K6 processors), atlas-sse (Pentium III or newer), or atlas-sse2 (Pentium 4 or newer).


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