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##Demo of how to graph symbolic functions (by converting SYMBOLIC functions into ANONYMOUS functions)
##The following code will produce the same vector field plot as Figure 1.14 from Example 1.6 (pg. 39) from A Student's Guide to Maxwell's Equations by Dr. Daniel Fleisch.
##Make sure symbolic package is loaded and symbolic variables declared.
pkg load symbolic;
syms x y
##Write a Vector Field Equation in terms of symbolic variables
vector = [sin(pi .* y ./2 ); -sin(pi .* x ./2 )];
##Vector components are converted from symoblic into anonymous form which allows them to be graphed
##The '1' & '2', in vector(1) & vector(2) are indeces for the vector.
##The " 'vars', [x y]" syntax tells function_handle that each component is a function of both 'x' & 'y'
iComponent = function_handle (vector(1), 'vars', [x y]);
jComponent = function_handle (vector(2), 'vars', [x y]);
##Setting the Grid up to graph all axes for all variables from -.5 to .5, with spacings .05 apart.
[X,Y] = meshgrid([-.5:.05:.5]);
##Draw the Vector Field!
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