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→‎Development status: TODO: user-controllable output settings
:* Tight Enclosure of Matrix Multiplication with Level 3 BLAS [] []
:* Verified Convex Hull for Inexact Data [] []
:* Implement user-controllable output from the interval standard (e. g. via printf functions):
a) It should be possible to specify the preferred overall field width (the length of s).
b) It should be possible to specify how Empty, Entire and NaI are output,
e.g., whether lower or upper case, and whether Entire becomes [Entire] or [-Inf, Inf].
c) For l and u, it should be possible to specify the field width,
and the number of digits after the point or the number of significant digits.
(partly this is already implemented by output_precision (...) / `format long` / `format short`)
d) It should be possible to output the bounds of an interval without punctuation,
e.g., 1.234 2.345 instead of [1.234, 2.345]. For instance, this might be a
convenient way to write intervals to a file for use by another application.
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