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= Private application template =
This part is only meant to be included in your application at Google Melange. Nobody needs to see your contact details in public!
== A: An introduction ==
* Please give an idea Previously I have completed a diploma in Computer Science and Technology of 3 years. And currently I am in the middle of Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering, right now in the 2nd year of the timeframe you plan to becourse. ** working on your projectI mainly speak Bengali as it is my local language. Except this I am comfortable with English. ** I will be avalable am still a Computer Science and Engineering student with ambitions for being a good coder develop in the project from 15 May to 5 August 2017future.** able I want to participate in the Google Summer of Code to mainly test myself as per the global evaluation. GSoC is the opportunity for every one who is good at coding and want to join our IRC channel as good as they can be with it, so am I. I will be able want to gain the knowledge how it works actually, and how it feels to join IRC anytimewok with the world wide people and the mentor for the organizations.* Do you * I have other commitments no experience with GSoC as registered for the summer period? Do you plan to take any vacations? Nofirst time.* Please describe your written EnglishSince Octave is seems to be useful and growing day by day, so I want to be a part with it to gain my knowledge and experience. Besides I personally think that it can be great help for learners like me as well as also for experienced people using it. As it helps to understand the numerical problems and their solution to visualize, it makes it interesting and easy to understand. So, due to my interest, I am quite good in written Englishwant to be part of Octave.
== C: Contact ==
* Please state Basically I am new to Octave, I prefer "Bikram" as for the (unique and identical where possible) nick you use on IRC and any other communication channel related to Octave. on Nabble* I live in Kolkata,India.Time zone UTC+05:30* Please state I am comfortable to work around 15:00 to 23:00 it can be change as per the email address you check most regularlyrequirements. E: Coding experience ==* Which time zone Basically I really don''(UTCt have much experience working in various project. But yeah I have done lots of small programs and module of programs as required for my studies. I am pretty good at C and C+-x)'' and country do you live in? ''Will that change over SoC duration (DST changes perhaps)?'' UTC+5programs.5 (Indian Standard Time). No, it won't changeAnd also learnt the Matlab programs as per my interest and now I am up with your Octave. * Are there instant messenger networks you regularly visit? Would you Beside these eventually I got to learn C, Java, Android and a few web languages like your mentor html, php, css. I have worked with a company for a few months as a Android app developer, I had to use the all the knowledge from java to develop a Android based code along with php to connect to contact you there? server.* Please decide if you would like us Being in a development team always was interesting to me. It is pretty challenging and fun to work together. As I mentioned before I have got to work with a team as a Android app developer, I have further non-public contact information written code for various module of you and share them herethe project. ''This is meant as absolutely last resort (total absence from internet or computer havoc Besides that I have worked with my classmates for instance)a few projects. It might, We have developed a program for instance, be Linear separability problem as a phone number with international codefinal year year project. It will only I had the opportunity to be shared with the mentor in case team leader for the final year project, I had to do my part of absolute emergency code as well as joining up all the codes together collecting from my team members.* I don't have any commits and patches contributed to Octave, since I am new to this and have passed only a month learning about it. == F: Feeling fine ==* I haven'''never''' t used much any of these tools but gcc, turbo c, dev c for C and C++. Except that I have used other IDE for other languages like Eclipse, Matlab, Android Studio etc. * I wish to be published!''active in your community even after GSoC is over.
== O: Only out of interest ==
* I have heard about Octave from a teacher of mine who usually works with Matlab. He recommended me to try out Octave. I just started to learn Octave.
** It would be helpful to know about Octave if you advertise about it in various tutorial sites not only your own but also various others too.
== P: Prerequisites ==
* I usually work with Windows Operating system.
* I can use my computer with as internet connection for the whole day if I am not off to my college.
== S: Self-assessment ==
* Do you give constructive advice? Do you receive advice ? Yes, I believe in constructive criticism as would like to know about what to do and how should I do the best way to improve upon yourself. job, after that I give as well as receive advicecan work properly.* Are you good at sorting useful criticisms from useless ones? Yes* I would like to code a proof of concept to 'see how it turns out', modifying that and taking the risk of having work thrown away if it doesn't match what the project or original proponent had in mind. Because I can do thatdon't want to spoil the whole project.
== Y: Your task ==
* Why did you choose your particular I Did not select a task? What do you expect to gain from working on it? I am pretty much interested in working on Octave. I have used it your list of proposals and I like it so much. In this task, there is something which will help me use geometrical skills as well as development skillsideas. That''s why I have chosen this project.could not decide one/[[Category:Applicants]]*


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