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**Yes, I have selected a task from the list of proposals.
** If yes, what task did you choose? Please describe what part of it you especially want to focus on if you can already provide this information. ''Please also wiki-link the page for your elaborated proposal here.''
***I chose the project "Improve logm,sqrtm and funm" []. I'd like to focus on the algorithmic part where we would discuss the inefficiencies involved in the current implementation and come up with new efficient ways to complete the task.I'm reading about different methods/Algorithms involved in Matrix exponential functions.After that, I'd shift to implementation of the required functions.
* Please provide a rough estimated timeline for your work on the task. ''This should include the GSoC midterms and personal commitments like exams or vacation ("non-coding time"). If possible, include two or three milestones you expect.''
[[Category: Summer of Code]]
** I would update the timeline after working out the finer details with mentors.


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